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Non Sibi Sed Deo | Not for self, but for God
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Sedaven High School follows the curriculum of the Gauteng Department of Education. Subject content is, however, always interpreted and taught from a Seventh-day Adventist Christian perspective. Evidence of evolutionary theory, agnosticism or other views harmful to the Christian faith found in the prescribed curriculum, is purposefully avoided or actively countered, and put into a Biblical perspective. Sedaven High School endeavours to stay in close touch with educational trends in the Government Department of Education. Teachers utilise every opportunity to attend lectures and other in-service-training programmes offered by the Gauteng Department of Education.
Senior Phase curriculum

Remember no one can motivate you!  Motivation can only come from you!
Whether you will progress in your studies does depend to some extent on the teacher. To a greater extent, however, it depends on you.
There are no subject choices in the Junior High school. All subjects are compulsory. The following is a list of subjects offered in the Junior High School :

1.  Home Language (English)
2.  EMS-Economic & Management Sciences
3.  First Additional Language (Afrikaans/IsiZulu)
4.  A & C-Arts and Culture
5.  Mathematics
6.  TO-Technology
7.  NS-Natural Sciences
8. LO-Life Orientation
9.  SS-Social Sciences
Further Education and Training
You must choose your subjects as indicated on the application form.

The following subjects are offered:
In South Africa one must pass two languages in order to pass the school year.  For this reason you must choose two of the following:
English (Compulsory – and is taught at Home Language level)
Afrikaans OR IsiZulu (First Additional Language level)
Note 1 : If you are an immigrant you may select only one language. You will  have to do an additional subject which could be studied outside of normal school hours.  The school will advise you regarding this subject on your day of registration.

Mathematics :
This subject consists of Algebra, Trigonometry and Geometry.  Each of these sections are again repeated in Grade 11 and grade 12 but each time in greater depth and with increased complexity.
Note:  Mathematics is a “building block” subject and if you don’t master one of the blocks in the lower grades you will experience great problems in the later grades.

Mathematical Literacy
Mathematical Literacy is a compulsory subject for all learners who do not take Mathematics. Mathematical Literacy equips the learner for the following: financially related calculations, understanding and interpreting graphs, basic statistics, as found in public media, and the use of modern technologies as aids to mathematical thinking.

Life Orientation
This is a compulsory subject and covers many interesting topics that will help you to understand and adjust to the modern world in which we find ourselves.

Life Sciences
This subject involves the systematic study of life in the natural and human-made environment. The study focuses on the understanding of basic life processes. This subject is similar to Biology in the previous curriculum.

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Sedaven High School is an independent school operated by the Seventh-day Adventist church in South Africa.
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