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Sedaven High School
Non Sibi Sed Deo | Not for self, but for God
+27 16 342 0501
1 Boschoek Farm, Sedaven Estate, Heidelberg
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Foreign Admissions
Begin the application process below or download and fill in the form manually
This application will not be processed without the following documentation.
• Copy of medical aid card
• ID of Learner
• ID of Parents Responsible for fees.
• R1485 Boarding Fee application

Learner Details

Emergency Contact Details

Medical Details (Please Note – Compulsory to be on medical aid)

Family Doctor Details

Known Medical Conditions
Please note that legal documentation of all medical conditions, allergies and medication outlined below needs to be provided to the School as part of the application package.

 Heart Murmur Epilepsy Hearing Problems  Emotional / Bed wetting
 Asthma  Blackouts ADD / ADDHD
 Ulcers  Anxiety Attacks Diabetes
 Tuberculosis Depression Blood Pressure H / L

Chronic Medication - Please list the medication your child takes regularly, the time and the dosage:

I hereby declare that to the best of my knowledge, the above information as supplied is accurate and correct.
Contact Us
Physical Address:
1 Boschoek Farm, Sedaven Estate, Heidelberg

+27 16 342 0501
Shortly About Us
Sedaven High School is an independent school operated by the Seventh-day Adventist church in South Africa.
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