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Sedaven High School
Non Sibi Sed Deo | Not for self, but for God
+27 16 342 0501
1 Boschoek Farm, Sedaven Estate, Heidelberg
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1. A non - refundable application fee of R2000.00 is payable.

2. Copy of the most recent school report.
3. Copy of ID or Birth Certificate/Passport.
4. 4 Recent photos (ID Size)
5. Completed testimonial / reference from previous school. [Use the attached Testimonial Form]
6. If the learner is accepted, the Transfer Letter from previous school.
7. A copy of the school account covering at least 12 months payments of last school.
8. Copy of 2 month’s Bank statements
9. Copy of 3 month’s Pay slips.
10. Proof of residence.
11. Account payer’s ID/Passport copy

Banking details: Account Name: Sedaven High School; Bank Name: Standard Bank of SA
Branch Code: 052 843 Cheque account no.: 030 948 177; Ref: Child’s Initial, Surname and Grade

1. This application will not be processed without all the relevant documentation. Please keep
the form until you have all the necessary documentation before you submit it.
2. Do not fax or e-mail the completed form but send it (with all the documentation) by POST or
A. Learner Infomation

B. Subject Infomation
Note: Please study information in the prospectus (Academic Section) before completing the following section.
Please indicate your preferred subject choices.
Grades 8 and 9:
NS - Natural Sciences
SS - Social Sciences
EMS - Economic & Management Sciences
CA - Creative Arts
TO - Technology
LO - Life Orientation

Please indicate your preferred language choices below
English Home Language (compulsory)

Afrikaans 1st Additional Lang
IsiZulu 1st Additional Lang
Subject choices for Grades 10 and 11 (English Home Language & Life Orientation are Compulsory)

Select a single option for each group below

Subject choices for Grade 12 (English Home Language & Life Orientation are Compulsory)

Select a single option for each group below

C. Parent/Guardian/Sponsor Information
Information of person responsible for account
Information relating to 2nd parent or
other person responsible for learner

15. Number of other children (siblings) in this school: (Please supply full name and surname below)

Medical Information

If the learner is not on a Medical Aid, please complete the following information

Number of persons in household

Church Information

I hereby declare that to the best of my knowledge, the above information as supplied is accurate and correct

Parent/Sponsor Contract

I have read the school Prospectus and I confirm my commitment and support to the sentiments expressed therein.

I will be loyal to the school and will encourage my child to identify with the school’s ideals and to obey the rules.

I give permission that my child may participate in any of the extra-curricular activities organized by the school. This includes sporting and cultural activities as well as excursions/tours. I understand that reasonable precautions will always be in place to ensure the safety of children. I waive any right that I may have to claim compensation against the School or any of its staff or representatives in respect of any loss, injury or damage incurred whilst engaged in any activity, in the knowledge that all reasonable precautions are taken for the safety and welfare of my child/ward, and that I indemnify them against all such claims. I further understand that some activities may imply additional costs and I expect to be consulted on this matter before my child is asked to participate.

I give permission that my child’s class work, photo and first name may be published on the GBS Website or Facebook page subject to the following conditions:
a) Any such publication is not for profit and neither my child nor my family will be compensated for any such use.
b) No last name will appear with any photograph or published work (unless written permission has been granted by the parent/guardian). Learners will only be identified by first name.
c) Home addresses, email addresses, telephone numbers or any other information that might identify my child will never be published on any Internet site.

I accept full responsibility for the prompt payment, one month in advance, of all school fees and legitimate expenses as indicated on duly rendered school accounts. I also understand that I may be asked to withdraw my child if I am not able to settle my account.

I hereby consent that the school or its appointed agent may carry out a credit enquiry and may transmit details to a credit bureau of how I have performed in meeting my obligations in terms of this agreement and in the event that I fail to meet my obligations may record my non-performance with the applicable credit bureau.

I hereby undertake and bind myself to pay any costs, as permitted by the necessary Acts, including legal fees, tracing fees and collection costs which may be incurred by the school in its recovery of any amount not paid by the due date, interest compounded monthly, at the maximum rate permissible by law.

If the school has any difficulty regarding the prompt payment of school fees (by the 3rd of each month), the school has the right to not consider your child’s re-application for the following year.

Should it be necessary for any reason to withdraw my child during the school year, I understand that I will be responsible for the payment of school fees up to the end of the month in which my child is withdrawn from the school. I understand that I need to give one calendar month written notice and will be liable for school fees for this notice period.

I understand that I will be responsible for private tuition fees for any course or subject taken by my child which is not part of the package of school subjects offered by the school and described in the school Prospectus or official newsletter.

If the school cannot provide academic support for whatever reason, over and above the learner support already provided, the learner will be referred. If the parent/guardian then withdraws the child, any outstanding fees will be the responsibility of the parent/guardian. If however, there are fees paid in advance, refunds will be applicable

Should my child be absent from school for more than 10 consecutive days without notice, the school has the right to take his/her name off the register and I will have to re-apply for a place, being aware that reapplying does not guarantee a place.

Should my child be absent on a regular basis, I will have to supply the school with a doctor’s note each time he/she is not at school.

Should parents/guardians wish to speak to the principal, they should make an appointment with him/her prior to the visit. The reason for the visit and the person who may be involved during the visit should be stated.

I understand that the personal belongings of my child/ren are not insured by the school or SDA church organisation.

I give permission that my child may be subject to medical tests for drugs or other illegal substances if there is evidence or reasonable suspicion that he/she may be involved in substance abuse activities. I understand that such testing will always be dealt with confidentially and in a professional manner and that I will be kept informed with regard to the process. I agree to be responsible for any laboratory costs that may be involved.

I give permission that my child may be given basic medical attention should the need arise.

I give the principal or his/her representative the right to act “in loco parentis” to my child
Testimonial Form
Please supply us with the information requested on the form below as this learner is in the process of applying to Sedaven High School. Upon completion this form will be sent directly to Sedaven High School

LEARNER DETAILS: (To be completed by Parents)

SCHOOL INFORMATION: (To be supplied by responsible educator/s/administrator)

Please select the appropriate option below

I hereby declare that to the best of my knowledge, the above information as supplied is accurate and correct

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Physical Address:
1 Boschoek Farm, Sedaven Estate, Heidelberg

+27 16 342 0501
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Sedaven High School is an independent school operated by the Seventh-day Adventist church in South Africa.
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